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GM Safety

Leading Provider of Safety Services

We offer over 30 different OSHA compliance training programs such as Emergency Response, Confined Space Entry, and First Aid. We also offer a wide variety of personal protective equipment and supplies. We hire staff that are experienced in the safety industry/ industrial safety training and receive continual training to ensure their skill sets are the best in the business.

Safety equipment and supplies represent one of the largest and most diverse segments of manufacturing industries.

Choosing the right safety equipment and supplies is an enormous task. The wrong safety equipment can make the difference between a safe, efficient work force, and a workplace burdened with accidents and injuries. This can and will result in low productivity and low profits.
At its worst, not using or applying the correct safety equipment can lead to severe accidents and even death.

But safety equipment and supplies are not just a good idea, they are required by federal law. Employers who do not follow the guidelines set by OSHA will receive OSHA citations and large monetary penalties whenever an OSHA inspection shows the company or organization does not comply with mandatory OSHA standards.

We also offer the most common type of safety equipment and supplies known as personal protective equipment (PPE). Personal protective equipment refers to safety equipment used by individual workers on a regular basis.

Each item of personal protective equipment is usually worn in conjunction with one another, creating a set of safety equipment whose consistent use should be enforced.

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But just purchasing or renting the proper equipment is only part of the solution. Your employees must know how to use them appropriately. Improper use can be just as dangerous as not using them at all. Therefore, for very little investment, you can train your employees and supervisors in the proper usage of the equipment.

Show OSHA and your employees that you are serious about OSHA compliance and their safety. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment and supplies on hand, and arrange for safety training through GM Safety to protect your employees and your business now!

Our priorities are:

  • Safety - Safety is our 1st priority!  Whether it's working with your staff to ensure your working environment is safe or ensuring our employees sent to your job site meet the very high safety standards set by our company, we understand the importance of safety management.
  • Service - Customers' needs come first. We will mobilize the resources necessary to meet your demands in the workplace. If you need it there today, we'll do everything possible to make it happen. If you need it in 6 months, we'll plan and coordinate to ensure the proper personnel and equipment is available.
  • Quality - Quality in everything we do - from answering your first call to providing the manpower and equipment you need - is a priority. Consistency of the product and service quality is what will keep you coming back and relying on GM Safety for all of your safety product, equipment, and field service needs.

Our growing staff is heavily oriented toward customer support and service. We believe that providing the highest quality of safe service is the best way to keep existing customers satisfied and attract new customers each and every day.

Full-service offices are located in Hammond, IN.

Same-day shipment on in-stock orders and rentals, quick turnaround on all repairs and calibrations!

2030 Summer Street Hammond, IN 46320