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Diverse safety manpower professionals

Safety Services

Numerous small and medium size businesses cannot economically justify full-time safety professionals on staff. Yet their safety needs are as real and often as great as that of larger businesses.

GM Safety offers the credentials, experience and dedication of full-time safety professionals at a small fraction of the cost of a full time person. As a known leader in safety solutions, GM Safety can either ehnance your current team of safety professionals, or manage your complete internal safety program.

Our safety Team brings the expertise to provide safety oversight on even the tightest timelines. GM Safety will identify and provide the professionals who have the ideal experience and background to satisfy the unique needs of your project.

GM Safety provides clients with on-site safety professionals helping to reduce the occurrence of injuries and illnesses. Our safety professionals conduct daily safety meetings, audit programs and work activities, provide regulatory interpretations and consult with construction managers, owners, insurance companies, subcontractors, safety directors and workers.

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