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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Confined Space

    • Turnarounds - How can I be sure who of my employees has rental equipment out and for how long so we don’t lose any and end up getting charged?

      GM Safety uses the same software for controlling turnaround equipment that we use to control our overall corporate rental equipment fleet. The software has extensive capabilities and will enable you to track by employee, by serial number, each piece of equipment checked out, how long it's been in use, and how much has been incurred to date. We are even able to assign a specific location in your plant where the equipment was signed out.

    • Breathing Air - How can I feel comfortable about the quality of breathing air provided?

      In accordance with all OSHA standards, we have an extensive quality control program that ensures frequent preventive maintenance on our compressors and breathing air equipment. Control logs and records are kept to ensure these are performed regularly, and sampling and analysis of air samples are taken to ensure the quality meets our high standards.

    • Outside your area - You're outside my geographic area. How can GM Safety help me where I am?

      We perform confined space work all over the country. Our mobile trailers and compressors can take our equipment just about anywhere - from jobs in California to those in New Jersey. Likewise, our on-line training can reach your employees anywhere they have an Internet connection - even Kuala Lumpur.


    Rental Equipment

    • Reliability - How reliable is your equipment? I can't have any downtime on my jobs and I don't want to risk anything when it comes to the safety of my employees.

      The safety of your employees is also very important to us. We have highly-skilled field technicians who know how to use the equipment and train your employees. Likewise, our in-house safety technicians have extensive and up-to-date training and use detailed checklists to ensure every aspect of your rental equipment is checked and readied before you receive it.


    • Rental Equipment - Can GM Safety meet my equipment needs? I need a lot of different things, and usually it's ASAP!

      That's why we've been growing at such a significant rate for the past 10 years. We understand that "when you need it" is, well, when you need it – not sooner and not later. Even our drivers are trained in the use of equipment to be able to show you or answer questions when equipment is delivered. Our hotline is manned 24/7/365 and can dispatch the people you need or equipment you have to have, when you have to have it.


    • Qualifications - Are your people qualified to perform the work their assigned?

      GM Safety has some of the best qualified staff in the business. With years of experience and on-going training and re-certification, these technicians must meet continual testing to ensure they are current with the latest going on in the industry. From Certified Technicians to Advanced Rescue and Safety Trainers, GM Safety has the staffing to meet your field service or training needs.


    • Training - What kinds of training do you offer? Can you do it at my location?

      We offer a wide range of courses, from First Aid and Confined Space to advanced Trenching and Shoring. See our training services section for a list of courses offered. Over 45 different courses and many more that are customizable to your needs are available. Although we have training facilities at our locations, we very often go to a customer's site to perform training. Hand-on training is our specialty, and in many cases, can be performed at the customer's location. 

    • Training - Web-based - Do you offer Web-based on-line training?

      Since so many of our customers have requested this style of training, we have implemented an entirely web-based program, highlighting many of the more popular courses that many employers demand (e.g., OSHA 10, 30, 40, etc.). Contact us at 219-743-6303.  
    • Rescue Teams - I have a very complex rescue situation. How do I know GM Safety can handle it?

      We specialize in complex rescues, particularly high-angle rescue or subterranean rescues. Our effective rope rescue system is one of the best in the industry and regularly scores 100 of 100 on safety audits. Our rescue techs and supervisors have years of experience - you won't have to worry about whether they've ever used a lanyard in the lives. They all go through extensive, hands-on training, including smoke rooms, repelling off high scaffolds, and don-and-doff routines in simulated confined spaces.

     Sales & Customer Support

    • Customer Support - Getting support after I have the equipment is the most important thing to me. How do I know I can get it from you?

      The majority of our staff is customer support personnel. These staff are the backbone of our company and are rigorously trained in the products and services we offer. In addition, your Sales Rep is also trained to know our products and your business intimately, so he/she can coordinate our services to best meet your immediate needs.
    • Reaching Us - How can I get a hold of someone to ask more about what I need?

      Contact us at: (219) 743-6303 and talk with one of our customer service reps. We will assign you a Customer Sales Rep to handle details of solving your complex and immediate problems.

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